Why You Should Get a Gerontology Degree to Further Your Career

The world’s population is aging. The younger, newest generation are having less children, having children later, or not having children at all. This, combined with the aging population from the post-war baby boom, have left the planet with many people who are into the latter half of their lives. This means that the need for those with gerontology degrees is bigger than ever before. gerontology degrees can let you start a new career path or they can even further your own career.

Here is what you can do with a gerontology doctorate:

  1. Social Worker

There are three main branches of social work. There are those that do research, there are those that help children and families, and there are those who deal with gerontology. Those who specialize in gerontology are people who help seniors, senior living, and their families. This includes providing support, teaching children how to take care of their aging parents, provide advice on healthcare or housing, and more. Aging comes with a variety of health challenges that can be scary and hard to deal with for both the senior person and their family.

  1. Business Consultant

The unique skills and backgrounds of people who have gerontology doctorates are very much in demand across many different business disciplines from data analysis for governmental advisory agencies to advocates of private sector organizations, public health and facilitators in research organizations. You have the very real opportunity to be a policy maker that will benefit future generations.

  1. Health Manager/Professional

All healthcare professionals should further their understanding of the aging process and what it means for the person and society if they want to provide better service. You can work in nursing homes, at your own office, or more. You can also work in the management division. Instead of working with the patients directly, you will instead be managing the programs and care homes. 

  1. Social Scientist

Gerontology also helps people understand how aging affects our society. You would be researching how age affects a person’s way of life, how they relate to themselves, to others, and society at large. This research would be used to help better the lives of our elders, both in how societies work and in the infrastructure. An unexpected way you can use your gerontology degree in business is to work in the marketing department. Understanding and providing service to our elders is a lucrative market, and knowing the demographic will help you land a job in a business environment.

Knowing, understanding, and helping how age affects us is important. It’s not just important for our aging population and large number of seniors, it is important for every single person who is alive today. Aging is an inevitable part of life, so understanding it is crucial for nearly every sector. You can market your knowledge and skills beyond the health and social sectors. You can get hired by companies who want to understand their demographic better, or by cities who want to provide better care for their elders. The possibilities are limitless.

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