Why Typography Is Important in Online Marketing

Online marketing refers to the art of selling products or services across digital platforms. It’s a complex field, but its main aim is to get a company name out into the public arena and reach potential customers around the world.

As we know, the presentation of a brand or business comes down to two key ingredients: visuals and content. Typography isn’t usually given as much consideration as the images and graphics used on a site, but it plays a crucial role in strengthening the message your brand is trying to sell.

The term “typography” refers to the way that text is arranged on a page or screen. It can be basic, or it can serve as an innovative way to create aesthetic appeal and reinforce your USP (unique selling point). Here’s why typography is so important when it comes to marketing your brand or business.


Advertising is about triggering emotion in the consumer, and typography is a big part of that. The arrangement of your text should reflect the theme of your message. For instance, if you’re trying to sell party planning services, your typography should be inventive, colorful and perhaps even slightly whacky. If you’re advertising funeral planners, your text is likely to be more demure.

Visual Appeal

How many times have you given up on a website because the text is too small, or because the color or typeface makes it difficult to read? Your written content should be skimmable and visually appealing, and headings should draw the eye. Our digitalized lifestyles have created shorter attention spans, so one of the aims of your typography should be to keep people reading.


The way you organize your text is just as meaningful as its aesthetic appeal, as you’re essentially telling the reader what information to pay attention to. Bolded headings, bulleted lists and different colours help guide the reader to certain parts of the text.


Your website will be a lot more pleasant to navigate if there is stylistic consistency across the board. This means your color scheme, font, typography and visuals should all reflect the message your brand is trying to send and should target your key demographic.

Becoming an Online Marketing Expert

Online marketing is about more than visuals, but it does require creativity as well as business insight. As the digital marketing industry continues to expand, the demand for specialists grows, so there has never been a better time to get into the industry. An online digital marketing MBA could help you take that next step in your career towards becoming an expert in the field.


When creating content for the web, what you write is only part of the process. Contrary to what people think, the typography is as important (if not more important) than what your content is saying. As an online marketer, you need to be thinking about the way your text looks on the page and how it blends with the other elements of a website for it to have a lasting impact.

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