The 5 Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

Some libraries are practical and functional yet not stylish, which is fine. Libraries are fantastic: they get children reading, instill a love of literature, and give people a safe space. Their beauty is in the words they house. But, other libraries go a step further. The buildings themselves are truly beautiful and are able to make a bookworm out of anyone, but if you really feel passionate about libraries, you should consider studying an online MMLIS program.

Here is a look at some of the most gorgeous libraries from around the world.

Klementinum, Prague

The Klementinum in Prague is more than just a library. It’s a complex of buildings including, The Baroque Library Hall, The Mirror Chapel, The Astronomical Tower, The St. Salvatore Church, and St. Clément’s Cathedral, all of which are glorious to behold. The complex is the largest and most historic set of buildings in Prague. The library is home to the National Czech Library, housing 20,000 books, which date all the way back to the 1600’s. Even if you have no interest in such wonderful historic books it is worth visiting for the ceiling frescoes, which haven’t been altered since the 18th century.

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world. Its stunning designs and architecture mean that no list of beautiful libraries could be complete without it. The Library of Congress is home to literally millions of books, paintings, photographs, newspapers, and recordings. It’s the main research facility of the U.S Congress and home to the U.S Copyright office, as well as being a public research library and gallery.

Central Library of Vancouver, Canada

The Central Library of Vancouver is a bit more modern than some of the other libraries on this list, but it is no less beautiful. The library has been described as a modern-day Colosseum. The Library Square houses service buildings, retail outlets, eateries and other buildings with the library itself located in a 9-story rectangular block. There are currently plans in place to convert the top floors into a gorgeous rooftop garden looking out over Vancouver, which would be a perfect place to sit and read a great book.

Trinity College Old Library, Dublin

Trinity College old library is a must-see on any visit to Dublin. The library dates back to the 16th century and much of the original architecture is still in place. The library is home to the famous Book of Kells, as well as many other works, and is the largest library in Ireland. The main chamber of the library, known as the Long Room, is just that: one long, tall chamber, filled with shelving, marble busts, artwork and reading tables. Just walking into the room and looking out can take your breath away.

Austrian National Library, Vienna

The Austrian National Library could be on this list simply for its exterior and entrance hall. The library was once the official palace library; and you can tell. It has a regal look fit for a king. The main hall itself has beautiful flooring and frescoes surrounded by gilt and glamor. Just don’t forget to look at the books; there are millions.

Studying an online library science degree would give you the best excuse to visit all of these gorgeous places, so what are you waiting for?

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