Is Architecture the Right Career for you?

Architecture is a unique area of study. As obvious as the point might be, we are surrounded by buildings all day. It is, therefore, understandable that most of the architecture that we encounter on a daily basis goes more or less unnoticed. After all, just as we don’t notice every individual tree in a forest, so it is that we don’t notice every building that we pass when walking through urban environments.

It is also the architecture that we produce that often comes to define the times that we live in. Architecture reflects our current tastes and technological progress, as well as demonstrating the utilities and functions that we place the most value on. When we think of career paths which allow us to make a difference to the world around us, architecture is perhaps not the first one that springs to mind. However, working as an architect is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in shaping urban landscapes. Here is just a small selection of the reasons that architecture is a worthwhile career choice.

Wide Range of Jobs to Choose From

Architects are regularly involved in all manner of building projects. Wherever there is building work to be done, an architect will be involved. Consequently, as an architect, you can choose to help people in designing new homes, designing schools, hospitals, and other important buildings, or working with businesses to design the workplaces of the future. As a qualified architect, you will be able to choose an area to specialize in and develop experience working on the projects of your choice.

Learn Useful Skills

Working as an architect will also give you useful experience in some other areas. For example, if you are involved in designing public buildings in conjunction with a town planner, then you will gain some first-hand experience of how town planning works. In the future, were you to look for a new career or job path, you would be well-positioned to apply for a role in town planning.

You can begin to specialize from the moment you begin studying by choosing a specialist degree, such as the Norwich University masters in civil engineering. In the case of a civil engineering degree from Norwich University, you will learn to incorporate and consider engineering when designing buildings. This is vital for public buildings and local infrastructure but is less likely to matter if you are designing houses for wealthy individuals.

Work Experience

Perhaps the only drawback to having so much choice in the work you do is that until you try each one out, how do you know whether you are suited to it or not? As you study for an architecture-related degree, you will have numerous opportunities to approach potential employers and to gain some first-hand experience working alongside an established architectural firm.

There are a number of compelling reasons to choose a career as an architect. Not only does the job tick all the right boxes, it offers workers the opportunity to express themselves creatively, to help be a part of shaping local communities, and to add their own personal flair to their work. If you think that architecture is a career that appeals to you, then take a look at some architecture internships.

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