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A side project from Omega Code and Combustion, MAEL was just launched, exploring a different path, tending to be more electronic and experimental. They just released a new single that you can listen on their MySpace and purchase the digital version on Atmospherik Duo. You also have the option to buy the samples used on the creation of the song “Take It”, and use it anywhere. Your contribution help continues with independent projects.

Omega Code

Early in 2009, the band Omega Code will release their debut, and along with that, a book, a DVD and a FREE series of posters based on their upcoming album “Ω”. A limited number of 2300 posters are going to be printed and distributed around the globe.

23 artists were invited to illustrate, among them you can find names like Joshua Davis , Si Scott, Mike Cina, Michael Paul Young, Mate Steinforth, Matthew Curry, Nelson Balaban (poster above), Tom Muller, Motomichi Nakamura, Danny Franzreb, Robert Lindstr?m, Andreas Pihlstr?m, Chris Hewitt, Hello Hikimori, Sebastian Onufszak, Animat?rio, Colletivo, Nacionale, Unstru, Tom?s Pe?a, Jo?o Oliveira, Peter Jaworowski, Umeric and Doomedo.

Follow them on Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and Twitter to know more about the release date and also the exhibition dates.



Directly from the font: We put the re-launch of recom, one of the most renowned European studios for artwork, post production and CGI, on the web. The new CMS-based full-Flash page connects the three units recom POST, recom CGI and recom ART. Intelligent features make the page a highly functional tool for recom’s customers.
Among others, all the pictures of the recom POST and recom CGI portfolio database can be viewed in medium size or full screen without the browser elements. Although the site was realized entirely in Flash, it supports deep-linking as well as a the back-button function of the browser. Visitors can put together a portfolio with the site’s ‘lightbox’, export content by single download, zip-file or even as a portfolio-PDF to gather all information about the project.
In addition to familiar search criteria (e.g. the search for photographers), visitors can use the ‘colorcube’ to search the recom archive intuitively by color. Every ‘pixel cloud’ turning into a high-end motif, thereby transports the aspiration and the message of recom: to bring every pixel to its correct spot.

Made by Jung von Matt/Neckar and Jens Franke.


I’ve been waiting too long for spreading the news about this. Zeh Fernando, one of the most brilliant programmers I’ve met, is developing a Flash based interface that has the same levels of usability as Processing or VVVV, although is focused for a entering level on visual programming.

FNK (pronounced fink) is an online visual programming environment that uses a dataflow approach for the analysis, processing and synthesis of image, sound and other data in real-time. It aims to be an easy and fun way to create multimedia and music presentation prototypes that interact with a number of input and output devices.

FNK was his academic projet (and surely will go beyond that). I was just waiting him to get approved by the University (and with a praised 10!), to divulge this project. Surely will grow loads!

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