About DA – Digital Abstracts

About DA

Digital Abstracts is an online platform where we provide our readers with a blend of design oriented content since 2000.

We handpick and thoroughly edit our publications to deliver creativity and innovation thru news, current trends, products, professional opinions and interviews, design insights and design studio insides as well as any other content that complies with our definition of quality.

DA encourages and promotes design inspiration. If you excel in web, print, illustration, graphic design, motion, reel, photography, advertising, typography or you are creative in any other way – we want to promote your products, services and achievements to the design community. Submit your news.

We are proud of our readers and authors – members of the Digital Abstracts Community. We are deeply motivated by the time that design conscious and design curious of the world devote to our publications and discussions.

It is our feeling that we created something good here and we intend to help it grow further.

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