10 creative folded leaflet designs

Bright, eye-catching and small enough to slip neatly into the average breast pocket or clutch bag, folded leaflets are an important promotional tool not only for companies and organizations but also for a wide range of events and issues. And thanks to firms such as onlineprinters.co.uk, it’s now easier than ever to style leaflets in a way that will help to get your message across with maximum impact.

Here at 10 folded leaflet design ideas to set your creative juices flowing.

Real Estate Agent Tri-fold Brochure
© istock.com/Redshinestudio

A bold, end-to-end graphic can grab the attention and tie a leaflet together into a striking whole. Here the powerful diagonal acts as a pathway, leading the eye from the name of the company at the front to the contact details on the back and then onto the text inside.

Vector Business Brochure Template Design
© istock.com/Hiranyaa

This design offers a prominent place for your company logo, and areas of high-contrast colour to give a strong visual snap to blocks of text – a useful design for businesses which want to convey important technical information while still looking fresh and bright.

Flower shop Tri-Fold Brochure
© istock.com/Redshinestudio

Sometimes less is more. A simple, floral design with plenty of white space can evoke a sense of peace and serenity, helpful if you’re promoting a wellness-oriented business or in you want to focus the reader’s mind on a single core message.

Vector tri fold brochure template design or flyer layout to use for business applications, magazines, advertising, product sheets, item notes, event flyers or meeting invitations.
© istock.com/DvdArts

Using complementary colours for each of the interior panels can establish a satisfying visual rhythm which draws the eye naturally from left to right. In this case vibrant pastel hues create just the right balance between variety and continuity.

Vector modern tri-fold brochure design templates collection with  hand drawn watercolor stains and exclamation and question marks
© istock.com/mashabr

Here the front panel of the leaflet is given over to a big, splashy image, with space for a memorable catchphrase. The gamble is that this will be enough to draw the reader inside to learn more. Get it right, and it will be!

Business icon with white paper.Vector Illustrations.
© istock.com/sweetjinkz

Opting for a landscape format can pay dividends because it’s relatively unexpected, and it also allows more scope for the use of larger fonts. The result, as in this example, can be pleasantly lucid and uncluttered.

Vector graphic elegant business brochure design for your company in vibrant colors
© istock.com/feabornset

It’s a favourite technique of interior designers. Controlled bursts of intense colour against a white background catch the viewer’s attention and rivet it to key points of interest.

© istock.com/EmilieGerard

Pairing a dark exterior with a pale interior instantly creates drama, ideal for a dynamic, high energy product. In this instance, the design is enhanced with metallic grey tints and a chequered pattern for a sporty, masculine vibe.

Fish restaurant menu design - hand drawn
© istock.com/Tasia12

A low-fi, hand-drawn look can project a friendly, human image. In this case, this leaflet for a fish restaurant paints a mental picture of a small, intimate, family-run business.

Tri-Fold Brochure mock up vector design. Smooth unfocused bokeh background.
© istock.com/Little_cuckoo

A pared back design combined with a single, well chosen colour can evoke a feeling of quiet self-assurance. It’s especially suitable if your organization is already strongly associated with a particular colour.

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